Best Window Air Conditioner

All of this talk about air purifying brings us to the air conditioner. I’m pretty sure we all know what an air conditioner is. Even in homes that have central heat and air sometimes an air conditioner is still needed in some rooms. The window air conditioner units are ideal to suit those needs. There are tons of models of this device but you may not know which to go with. When trying to decide the best window air conditioner, a few things must be taken into consideration. This includes things like the size, how quiet it is and how long it takes to cool off a room. This information will help you better decide which window unit is best and then you can determine which is the most affordable for you. On average most units cost anywhere from around $140 to around $370 per unit.

No matter your window size chances are you can most definitely find one to fit. However, perhaps you find that a window unit is not what you needed after all. Have no fear! There are now portable air conditioners available. A portable air conditioner is just what its name suggests. It is an airconditioner that is not stationary or mounted in a window. Instead this unit is able and designed to be easily moved from place to place. Of course you will want to find out which model is the best portable air conditioner. Do a little more homework and look for portable air conditioners in your area or perhaps even online.


Here are a few of the top models considered to be the best portable air conditioner:

  • There is the frigidaire model at 14,000 but this model is available at around $549.
  • Frigidaire also has a 12,000 but model smart portable that comes equipped with Wifi control.
  • Honeywell has a portable unit 12,000 but available in black or white.


Some online places even offer free shipping on some of these products. This portable unit is definitely a handy plus to have around your home.
Bottom line guys. Owning an air purifier gives you that extra satisfaction and feeling of comfort in knowing that the air you are breathing is constantly being purified. No more sanders floating, and/or secondhand smoke. Parents of children wit asthma and any other bronchial irritations will find the product a Godsend and winder how they ever made it along without it. It cuts back substantially on the amount of illness and germs spread in the house and is just a most amazing product to have in your home. The device does not totally replace a regular and routine cleaning of the home. However, it definitely offers protection from hazardous airborne particles that are dangerous to our health. Remember to research the types and information to be sure the model is the best fit for you. Ever heard of the phrase ‘You are what you eat’? Well, in this case you are what you breathe. Cleaner air means healthier lungs which means a more energized, happier and healthier you. Dont pout off breathing better air until later. Seize the opportunity now to begin living a more pollutant free lifestyle and enjoy living a better, cleaner life.